Welcome Shooting Enthusiast !

We are dedicated to bringing you the best training available.

A complete hands on experience

Our mission is providing safe and responsible shoot instruction.

We offer shooting Instruction.

Our Trainers take a simple yet Professional approach to training you.

Our Mission is providing safe and responsible Shooting Instruction!

We offer Range Shooting Instruction using  Non-Lethal and Non-Toxic Ammo in a safe controlled Firing Range under Professional Supervision. This Class is Not  a Force on Force course.

We are offering this course for only:

$200.00 for One Person or $300.00 for Two Persons

The package includes :

  • 1-Hour of Professional Shooting Instruction
  • Range Fees
  • Firearm Provided
  • 25 Rounds of Non -Lethal Non -Toxic Ammunition Per Person
  • Targets for Instruction
  • Ear and Eye Protection Usage

This course is designed to help beginner shooting enthusiast understand the proper shooting technique to handle and use a firearm safely and responsibly. Our unique Range uses only Non-Toxic Non-Lethal rounds for your safety.  So take advantage of this great deal all you have to do is purchase, schedule your course date and then show up for the Fun.

Contact us at 407-421-9218  between the hours of 9:00 AM and 5 :00 PM EST if you have any question

Please feel free to contact to enroll in one of our courses.